Emergency Garage Door Repair Service (Residential & Commercial)

Is your garage door off track? Does your garage door opener make a painful noise when you activate your remote? Our garage door repair service team loved by local residents for a number of reasons that include:

  • Sending certified technicians who are true experts.
  • Being available 24/7. 365 days a year.
  • Providing exemplary, memorable customer service.
  • Arriving within 30-60 minutes of all calls.
  • Offering the lowest prices on all services, guaranteed.

Don’t just choose some random garage door company from a list; our technicians have received comprehensive training on repairing all makes and models of garage door openers and doors. Call us today and experience first-class service at a price you will love!

Santa Monica Garage Door Repair Service.

When our pros speed off to your home in Santa Monica for garage door repair services, we do so with pride for our city. Therefore, from the cozy homes of Santa Monica Canyon to the palatial properties along Ocean Avenue, our garage door repair service in Santa Monica, CA team is passionate about keeping our community members safe from damage to their vehicle and theft. As a result, when our uniformed professionals arrive we start by performing a 25-point inspection in which we check your:

  • Springs.
  • Rollers.
  • Door Balance.
  • Cables.
  • Safety Cables.
  • Center Bearing.
  • Drums.
  • End Bearing Plate.
  • Pulleys.
  • Shaft.
  • Forks.
  • Brackets.
  • Hinges.
  • Hinge Arms.
  • Tracks.
  • Truss Rod / Strut.
  • Weather Seal.
  • Spring Anchor.
  • Panel Integrity.
  • Remotes / Control Panel / Key less Entry.
  • Safety Eyes.
  • Trolley / Boom.
  • Limit Switch / Safety Reverse.
  • Bell wire.

We lubricate your springs, hinges, and other parts and we also make any needed adjustments or tighten screws and bolts to ensure your garage door’s lifespan is a long and fruitful one. Our garage door repair service team performs quick, flawless work like nobody else. Call our garage door repair wizards today and let us fix the door like nothing ever happened!

24/7 Garage Door Service Santa Monica CA.

Looking for 24/7 garage door repair Santa Monica service providers? Our techs are TRUE 24-hour experts, unlike some other companies that simply answer their phones and book appointments during “normal business hours”. For us, there is no such thing as “normal business hours” because a garage door can malfunction and leave your home vulnerable any time day or night. But wait; there is an extra charge for service performed at odd hours of the night, right? No way! We offer the same low price no matter what time you need our help to reinforce your home’s security through solid garage door repair services! This is all a part of our dedication to customer service. So, call us today. As a result, we will speed over and get the job done right!