Garage Door Spring Repair & Cable Replacement. Best Price Guaranteed!

Do you have a busted garage door torsion or extension spring? If so, you are dealing with a very dangerous and common problem that strikes garage doors all too often. That’s why we have a dedicated team of garage door repair Santa Monica techs whose specialty is to quickly and safely perform quality repairs on your garage door springs. Or you can outright replace them. Santa Monica loves our dedicated team of garage door spring repair specialists because We:

  • Dispatch techs who whose trained specialty is garage door springs.
  • Have a perfect safety record.
  • Offer the lowest prices, guaranteed.
  • Are available 24/7.
  • Provide memorable and amazing customer service.
  • Get the job done in one visit.

We have nearly two decades of experience working with torsion garage door springs, and for us the job is a breeze. Contact Us today and let us remove the risk!

How to Fix Garage Door Spring.

Fixing garage door springs is so dangerous that we would rather not be the ones to tell you how to do it. You can always go to YouTube and view videos that show some steps. However, our team warns homeowners that repairing and replacing a garage door spring is no DIY project. The springs work under extreme torsion pressure and one slight wrong step, or using the wrong tool, and result in flying parts destroying your property, ripping through flesh and bone, slicing your head, or removing a limb. There are even cases reported in the industry on a yearly basis where fatalities result from homeowners trying to do their own repairs on garage door springs.

When your garage door spring breaks it is normally because the wear and tear finally got to its integrity. There are usually two springs to every garage door because one is a back-up. If one fails that means the other one can give up the ghost at any time. The last thing you want is for that second spring to break and have your door crash down on a beloved family pet, or worse yet on a child. Our garage door spring repair Santa Monica team inspects the situation. Then, we examine other components of the garage door that would have been installed at the same time as the springs. This is just one way we go above and beyond to offer thorough, top-quality service.

Repairing Garage Door Spring.

Even if you have been trained to work on garage door springs, there are still four main reasons why you should let our skilled Garage Door Repair Santa Monica team do it:

  • Obtaining the right parts is the hardest part of the job. Because, the garage door manufacturers typically only sell them to certified repair techs.
  • Even if you have been trained, you are likely out of practice and therefore vulnerable to something going wrong.
  • Our techs are licensed, bonded, insured, and highly trained to get the job done safely. We have a perfect safety record.
  • We can get the job done significantly faster than you can.

In some cases homeowners have manipulated the the market product. This has caused damage to their property. And, in some cases a homeowner’s insurance police can deny coverage. This is the case if a device in a licensed trade is tampered with by an unlicensed person.

Contact our garage door repair Santa Monica experts today. As a result, remove the stress, risk, and potential hazards that come with dangerous garage door repair services!